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Winking AND Blinking Falkor inspired Shoulder Puppet-Made to Order

Winking AND Blinking Falkor inspired Shoulder Puppet-Made to Order

First of its kind winking and blinking Dragon shoulder puppet inspired by Falkor the luck dragon from The Never Ending Story.

These friendly, blinking, talking shoulder puppets make a lightweight and versatile companion.
Each puppet includes manually blinking eyelids controlled by your fingers inside the head, a moving jaw and a full body to curl comfortably around shoulder or hips. These puppets also come inclusive of poseable legs and a first of its kind mechanism which always you to not only control its blinking eyes but also offer Falkor its famous wink from the film.

These puppets are NOT toys, they are specifically designed to be cared for by entertainers, fantasy art lovers and collectors.

waiting time for hand made shoulder Daemons *can* be up to 8-10 weeks- although a fast track package can be discussed. Please let us know if you have a particular event up and coming we need to aim for.

If you are looking for one of our custom basic models please check out my page :)

Exchanges and returns
Although WaterDragonStudios are committed to creating elegant, extraordinary puppets as well as satisfied customers, we do have some rules with regards to exchanges and returns -

Firstly, we will be working closely with you during the creation process to ensure your creature's design is transparent for you as possible - this is of utmost importance to avoid the sometimes expensive process of return postage of bulky items - with this in mind, once a feature has been finalized, we can not accept returns or exchanges - most especially for international sales.

Our Creatures are designed, crafted and created over a 8-10 week process, during which time I will liaise with directly to ensure your design is created as close to your unique specifications as possible. We put great pride, skill and work into the creative process and with all this in mind, we would like to remind customers of these points regarding faulty returns:

Our designs are show puppets, not toys, although the intended owner may indeed be children, it is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure your unique, one-off puppet Creature is handled carefully and safely - Creature Features will not be responsible for any breakages due to misuse or neglect, nor any breakages during the shipping process.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.

    colour: alternative design
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